【9️⃣Year Up】 HÅG CAPISCO 8020 Study Chair x KIDS (BLACK PLASTIC)

SKU: HAG022809
【9️⃣Year Up】 HÅG CAPISCO 8020 Study Chair x KIDS (BLACK PLASTIC) - EKOBOR

【9️⃣Year Up】 HÅG CAPISCO 8020 Study Chair x KIDS (BLACK PLASTIC)

SKU: HAG022809
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HÅG CAPISCO 8020 x KIDS. Children should start their ergonomic and posture training since youth which is going to have tremendous benefits to their overall health for the long run.

Embrace the simplistic utility of Scandinavian Ergonomics with Flokk’s HÅG Capisco series.

Pronounced “Hayg Ca-piece-co”
The chair is a design icon borne of Scandinavian design and inspired by a horseback rider's posture. Its pioneering saddle seat and overall unique shape offers endless ways to sit, stand or anything in between while the chair helps maintain your body’s natural posture.
Designed in collaboration with famed Swiss product designer Alfredo Håberli.

The Flokk HÅG Capisco X Kvadrat Galaxy Puls 8020 would carry Alfredo's signature Kvadrat Galaxy fabric. Featuring an irregular but refined pattern of small dots, which contrast with a unicoloured, light or dark background. This recalls the clusters of stars that make up galaxies. This exclusive collaboration would come in neon, bold hues and natural shades. 



Seat height:
Backrest height: 470 mm
Seat depth: 400-470 mm
Seat width460 mm
Max chair width: 560 mm
Foot base diameter: 700 mm
Foot base: Foot base in painted aluminium
Castor: Castor (black), 50mm, for hard floors, braked unloaded CA006
Lift: Lift 150mm

 ****The Capisco Puls uses moulded plastic for its backrest and seat, due to the process there maybe excess plastic during mould cut off, this is not a defect but a production result using recycled plastics.


Maintenance: Vacuum clean the chair with a furniture brush or wipe it with a clean, white cloth or sponge slightly dampened with clean lukewarm water. Do not remove any plastic parts or attempt to open the seating mechanism. 

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