Austin Platinum L-Shape Standing Desk (White/ES02/Black Leg)

SKU: E15208-ES02
Austin Platinum L-Shape Standing Desk (White/ES02/Black Leg) - EKOBOR
Austin Platinum L-Shape Standing Desk (White/ES02/Black Leg) - EKOBOR
Austin Platinum L-Shape Standing Desk (White/ES02/Black Leg) - EKOBOR
Austin Platinum L-Shape Standing Desk (White/ES02/Black Leg) - EKOBOR
Austin Platinum L-Shape Standing Desk (White/ES02/Black Leg) - EKOBOR
Austin Platinum L-Shape Standing Desk (White/ES02/Black Leg) - EKOBOR

Austin Platinum L-Shape Standing Desk (White/ES02/Black Leg)

SKU: E15208-ES02
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  • All Electrical Standing Desks and Chairs, Price Include delivery and installations
  • Electric Standing Desk and FLOKK chairs - HÅG Capisco, RH, Sofi: 10 years on-site service. Other office ergonomic chairs: 1 year on-site service.
  • I-Standing and other office ergonomic chairs (Galaxy, E-Transformer, etc.) are *ONLY* available in CWB Sino plaza Rm2803.
  • In Stock Items: 3-5 working days delivery, Customization Desks 4-6 weeks.

Triple Motor with Three Sections. L corner executive design Sit Stand Desk allows you to create your own versatile office work-space. Can hold up to 152kg of weight. 


  • 3 legs/3 sections
  • Color options: Black, White
  • Lifting range from 595mm to 1245mm
  • Frame length can be adjusted from 1080mm to 1800mm
  • Loading capacity: 152Kg
  • Speed Max: 40mm/s




    Standing Desk FAQ:

    1. What is the difference between Single Motor and Dual Motors?

    Single motor (I-Standing) is with height adjustment between 75-125cm, while Dual Motors (Oval) the height adjustment is between 63.8-128cm. Single motor is slower with a maximum loading of 80KG, while Dual motors is around 100KG. 

    Single motor is also suitable for smaller table tops around 120cm in width. And Dual Motors is suitable for table tops as large as 200cm.

    2. Can I customise table top size ?

    Yes. The charge for table top is HKD500-1000 per piece on top of your original price depending on size and complexity. The cost already included the labor cost, material cost, delivery and installations costs. 

    3. May I know when will I receive the product after purchased?

    Usually after placing the order on our website, we will contact you within 1 day (through Whatsapp or Phone Call) to schedule the delivery and installations. Timeframe will be around 5-7 working for stock items. If you would want an immediate feedback you may also contact us at 2555 5555 or whatsapp us at 91087257 and kindly quote your order # and we will check for you.

    4. Is installation and delivery done together?

    Yes. Delivery and installations are done together and usually takes around 30 minutes. Installation Helpers will call you usually within 2 hours to fix the timing. 

    Monday: All Areas

    Tuesday: HK Island

    Wednesday: KLN/NT

    Thursday: HK Island

    Friday: KLN/NT

    Saturday: All Areas

    Sunday: No delivery and installations 

    5. I worry there will be out of stocks, can I purchase now and deliver later?

    Yes. If you purchase now, we can commit and hold the products for you until you are ready for delivery and installations as we cannot guarantee when promotions end and also if the item is out of stocks at your purchase.

    6. Can I install by myself for I-Standing Desk?

    Yes. The price is HKD2988 + 500 including delivery and installations and 10 years warranty. If you choose to self pick up and self install, the warranty will not be included as we cannot control the process during installations and delivery whether is due to human factors or original defects. 10 years warranty include the control panel and the motor box

    Chairs FAQ:

    1. What is the difference between Capisco 8010 and 8020?

    8010 is capisco puls with full plastic and no seat cushion, while 8020 is capisco puls with full cushion, which is an upgrade version of 8010 model. The cushion can be removed and washed if needed.

    Height adjustments for 200mm gas lift is between 47-65cm which is suitable

    Our price includes delivery and installations and ten years warranty.

    Customisation is welcome, delivery time is usually around 4-6 weeks by Air


    If you have more questions, feel free to call us at 2555 5555

    Happy To Help!



    About Office Projects

    About I-Standing and I-Easy Standing Desk Troubleshooting:

    About Oval Premium Dual Motors Troubleshooting:

    About Health

    How to Remove the Capisco Cushion for model 8020

    If you have any questions please feel free to reach out for further information at or Whatsapp us at 60854999

    Appendix: Kei Chan’s Biography

    KEI KEI CHAN 陳苡棋

    Kei Kei Chan Office Ergonomist EKOBOR


    Kei Kei is a Certified Office Ergonomic Specialist, the Founder of EKOBOR – a company specialised in ergonomic furniture, as well as a mother of twins.

    During Kei’s pregnancy, she suffered from severe back pain. After realising the important correlation between health and correct posture, she started to explore and studied further on ergonomics.

    Kei Kei’s mission is to bring health and wellness to workplace through EKOBOR. She is very passionate about advocating the concept of wellness through high quality sit-stand solutions. Recently, her brand received the Health Partnership Awards “Outstanding award in ergonomic furniture” from ETNET.


    HKET Office ergonomics award EKOBOR

    Professional Qualification:

      • Chair Assessment specialist, Worksite International Ergonomic Training Academy
      • Certified Office Ergonomic Specialist, Worksite International Ergonomic Training Academy
      • Certificated of Advanced Occupational Ergonomics, Colorado State University
      • Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer, AASFP
    • Previous TV Shows, Interviews and Events:

      Interviews: Ming Pao Weekly, HK01, Economic times,  HKET, Keypad Magazine, Metroradio, ViuTV...and more.

      Talk/ Sharing: 東華三院洪福綜合職業復康中心, POAD, Eniment International School, Cathay Bank, Manulife x Skyline, AIA, Lyreco HK, etc... and much more


    Corporate Ergonomic Sharing

    Prevention Is The Cure!

    “The BEST posture is the next posture” – Peter Opsvik. We are often to sit upright to maintain a good posture. However, who can really sustain the same posture for prolonged hours? Posture is meant to be dynamic.


    In recent years, most working professionals have been facing the same dramatic change in the way of working. While shifting from office to a remote working environment, i.e. working from home, we might have led to a more sedentary lifestyle. However, a lack of active movement or sedentary sitting will always lead to muscle imbalance and back aches. It’s time for us to change and be aware of our posture!


    Target Audience: Working professionals or employees who are interested in ergonomics, and would like enhance their posture while increasing productivity at the same time.


    During the sharing section, participants will understand the fundamental concept of ergonomic, and learn how to maintain a good posture, avoid bad sitting position and how we can enhance out sensitivity to posture awareness.

    Duration: 1 Hour


    ·      What is office ergonomics and posture?

    ·      How to determine a good posture?

    ·      How can I achieve a good posture?

    ·      What are the common pain disorders experienced in office environment?

    ·      How to choose the correct office equipment?

    ·      Any ergonomic solutions to prevent back pain?

    ·      Pain management to relieve the back and neck aches through exercise

    ·      Total Pain Management - Bone Setting and Accu-pressure training by               Processional Chinese Medicine Practitioner.

    The sharing will be delivered in Cantonese. Participants will receive the handout (PPT) after attending the sharing.

    Welcome staff development day, lunch and learn and more!!


    Our goal is to spread the Total Pain Management Solution Protocol to our dearest community in Hong Kong and Overseas!

    For interested parties, feel free to contact us for booking and arrangement.

    Tel: 2555 5555



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