[Austin Wave] Modesty Panel (6 PIECES LEFT)

SKU: PP0006
[Austin Wave] Modesty Panel (6 PIECES LEFT) freeshipping - EKOBOR
[Austin Wave] Modesty Panel (6 PIECES LEFT) freeshipping - EKOBOR
Acoustic panel color 607
Acoustic Panel 617

[Austin Wave] Modesty Panel (6 PIECES LEFT)

SKU: PP0006
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  • 10 yrs warranty (ONLY on standing desks, HÅG and RH chairs)
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[Sit Stand Workstation with soundproof acoustic privacy screen] 

In the open office workplace, which is very popular nowadays, workers need to both collaborate and concentrate on private work. Noise of conversations and activities of people around would be distracting and hence reduce the productivity. Austin Wave Acoustic Panel is the best office workstation to stay productive at work and also the best combination of adjustable desk.

  • Better Privacy: Enhance your focus and improve workspace efficiency with fewer distraction. Ladies are also able to hide their legs with the acoustic screens mounted below the desk.
  • Noise Reduction: Acoustic screens are filled with noise reducing material, which is made of felt wool and polyester fabric, create a quieter desk space for you.
  • High Mobility: Easy to assemble and remove that best fits your needs.
  • Modern Appearance: Slender design blends harmoniously into office landscape and creates a stylish workplace.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimension:
    • 900(W) x 450(H) x 22(T) mm for (1200 x 650mm) table top 
  • Material: 100% recycled polyester
  • Color: Soft grey and Brown beige

***Delivery and Installation charge not included and pricing on customisation varies depending on requirements.



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