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5 Benefits of a Active workstation and having a Standing Desk at office

Health and overall well being is something people are most concern about these days.  Besides going to the gym and eating healthier – there is something else we missing – the sedentary lifestyle at the office work-space! You need a height adjustable desk.


5 Benefits of Switching to an Active Workstation

1. Standing at your Desk during work will reduce weight gain and obesity

According to James Levine, who is an obesity researcher, says that "chairs are lethal". He spent several of decades researching on this topic and found out that Americans spent an average of 13 hours sitting, and his research also suggested that prolonged sitting can slow down your metabolism and promote weight gain.  Just by Standing at work intermittently, you can enjoy the benefits of standing desk by reducing the risk of obesity. Great news! Active Workstation with a high quality ergonomic standing desks can keep you fit and in shape.

How you can do it: Moderation is important. Standing at your EKOBOR standing desks for 30 mins and switch to the chairs for another 30mins. 

Tips: Remember to set your desk at the right ergonomic level, meaning your elbow should be positioned at an "L" shape while you type on your keyboard, and the monitor should be eye level. 


2. A few years of standing at work is equivalent to running a MARATHON!

In a way, yes! Standing definitely burn more calories than sitting and research suggested that it burns 0.7 calories more per minute. Over the year, if you are persistent enough in using your Sit-Stand Desk,  According to Doctor John Buckley, you can definitely burn up to 30,000 calories per year. that is almost the same as running 10 marathons per year.

How you can do it: You can set your alarm when you get right to your office in the morning, if you plan to stand three times per day. You can set on your phone at 10:30am, 2pm (after lunch!) and 4pm.  30 mins each! Set the timing for standing at work will only take you 3 mins!


3. Keeping your spine upright.  How about the hours when you sit, I tend to slouch, perhaps should choose a Sit-Stand Chair that helps to keep your spine upright. HAG Capriso will be a good choice for you.

Standing too much could also be harmful as well. A Proper posture prevents back pain and muscular ache and of course, it contributes to good appearance. A good posture :

  • Sit up with your back straight and with your shoulders back. Your buttocks should be able to touch the back of your chair.
  • Body weight should be spread evenly on both hips
  • Keep your feel flat on the floor.
  • Avoid sitting the same position for 30mins, it means stand working.

 4. Standing at work can keep your energy and mood level high

Standing at work has proven to improve mood at work, it means you have happier day at the office. Having an active workstation will help to achieve this objective!


5. Attracting and retaining talents boost company's productivity and profitability. 

Based on a report from the Society for Human Resource Management, Height adjustable desks or Sit-Stand desks are the fastest-growing employee benefit in United States work places. Researchers from Norway and Australia have found that it  takes more than an hour or an hour at least of moderate intensity physical activity every day to minimize the increased risk of death associated with prolonged sitting time, according to American Cancer Society. The research was based on 16 studies of more than 1 million of people, the result was released in 2016, confirmed that that people who sat for the longest periods of time and also the least active has the highest increment of risk of death.