FAQ on $5,000 Government Consumption Voucher

1. Which payment method do we accept for $5,000 Govn't Consumption Voucher?

We accept AlipayHK, Octopus, Tap & Go or WeChat Pay HK.

2. Can we settle a payment by using more than one consumption voucher if we purchase one single product?

Yes, our retail staff can arrange for you.

3. Once partly settling the payment by the consumption voucher, can the balance be settled by another payment mean?

Yes, we accept up to 2 payment means to settle a single transaction.

4. Can I use the 1st consumption voucher as a deposit, and settle the balance when the 2nd consumption voucher is ready?

Yes, our retail staff can arrange for you. The product delivery will be arranged when the balance is received.

5. Any non-eligible items by using the consumption voucher?

No. All items are eligible.

6. How do the refund works?

I'm sorry, it doesn't work