Special Combo C: I-STANDING single motor desk + Neo stool chair

SKU: comboC
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Special Combo C: I-STANDING single motor desk + Neo stool chair

SKU: comboC
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I-Standing Desk I think we all know the best features in it!

Besides Capisco ergonomic chair, we have a new addition to EKOBOR ergonomic seating series! The NEW Stool! Core Strengthening stool save space and made by Denmark fabric


😊Benefit of ergonomic stool if you experiencing back pain and ease tiredness

❤️EKOBOR new addition : Made with Denmark fabric, NEO stool allows you to sit, perch, and move as you work.

If you gave limited space while experiencing back pain, besides our signature Capisco you might consider to have an extra stool set up at home or office, which is easy to store and lightweight. 

The higher seating position from NEO allows the thighs to slope downwards, causing the pelvis and lumbar (low back) to be in a neutral position, allowing the spine to achieve its natural curve, which is also the same theory applied from
Capisco but at a compact design, achieving a natural curve while sitting is key in avoiding body pain overall and EKOBOR’s mission.

For those who deal with back pain, this can help to reduce back aches and soreness from poor sitting posture.

Sitting on NEO also encourages ‘Active Sitting’, which helps to strengthen your core and back muscles, all of which can lead to improved comfort and efficiency in the workplace!

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Including delivery and quick installation 🛠

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