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    With the way our body is built, it can be said that the human body is simply not designed to stay in the same position, like sitting for long hours each day. A healthy body needs an adequate level of movement, flexibility, support in key areas, as well as variation in posture to work well. EKOBOR’s seating products, like our renowned sit stand chair and Capisco Chair, are designed with this in mind, and contribute to the well-being of people and their businesses.

    A common tip for a healthy workplace is for people at their desks to alternate between sitting and standing frequently. Therefore, our sit stand chair product, and also the well-known Capisco Chair, are designed in ergonomic ways to help people become more healthy and efficient in the way they work, so that they can be inspired to beat their best each and every day.

    EKOBOR’s philosophy in ergonomics is simple: The human body needs to be in motion. A key and unique design feature in our products us the Balanced Movement Mechanism™, that not only encourages you to move your body and keep it in motion, but also well-balanced at the same time.

    How is this achieved?

    Before the human body can move effectively, it has to be balanced. As a good starting point for your posture, our sit stand chairs have a centrally placed tilting point. Furthermore, the seat and backrest components are linked, so that when you lean back the seat front will rise, which will help stimulate movement in your ankles to retain balance. Conversely, the seat front will lower as you lean forward, and these micromovements will help keep your body in balance and constant motion.

    We call this unique product feature FootControlledMovement ™.

    A balanced movement

    Our sitting products emphasises “actively balancing”, rather than a suspended balance of the human body. Like our Capisco Chair, the product follows the movement of your body as you lean forwards or backwards, and in turn acts to stimulate the micromovements in other parts of your body, such as your feet. This helps activate the circulation systems in the lower legs - the peripheral heart in the calf muscles of the user.

    Our range of sitting products, like our sit stand chair also keeps you feeling energized, fills you with well-being and lets you concentrate better on your work each and every day.

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