Is spinal problem common for office workers?

by Kei Chan

Office workers not just suffer from the stress of meeting endless deadlines, abrasive coworkers or budget cuts, desk life is accelerating damage and even death to our bodies, thus our work culture must be revamped in order for many to get out alive. And employers can be life savers! Employers can preserve health and wellness of employees by designing workplace with minimal risks, like including standing desk option or free exercise class at lunchtime. Standing desk is the best option. 

Spinal problem is really common for office workers, they have no choice but to spend generous portions of the day siting at office. Our bodies are not designed for sedentary lifestyle, the average healthy person's back will take a beating from this low-energy lifestyle, leading to increased pain, stiffness and long-term problems. We all have to care more about physical well-being rather than our gadgets.

Despite many companies promoting ergonomic working conditions, countless employees continue to practice poor posture and typing at their desk. This adds additional strain to our back leading to long term damage to the lower back's ligaments, other than office hour, some people still need to sit in heavy traffic during our daily commute and sit while having lunch, these add stress to our back as well. Other than spinal problems, sitting also lead to obesity, which lead to strain on the back too. Our joints and muscles are not designed to endure extra weight. 

If you don't want all these to happen, no matter what your position in the corporate world, please take initiatives to protect your health and well-being. When it comes to the health of your back, it could quickly affect other parts of the body!


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